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Who We Are

The #RelistWolves Campaign is a grassroots coalition made up of dedicated conservationists, environmental nonprofit organizations, wildlife advocates, and scientists. The campaign and its members are committed to raising public awareness about wolves, their importance as ecosystem guardians and ensuring their protection by advocating for one common goal: to restore all Gray Wolves to the Endangered Species List.



Photo by Ronan Donovan

How We Do It

Our coalition employs a variety of strategies and tactics to protect wolves and raise awareness around this issue.


#RelistWolves Campaign works on both the federal and state levels. This includes advocating for the Biden Administration and Congress to restore the Gray Wolf to the Endangered Species List and working within key state legislatures to grow protections for wolves.

Grassroots Campaigning 
#RelistWolves Campaign leverages social media, press, celebrity partnerships, and public demonstrations to raise awareness around the plight of Gray Wolves and their important role as ecosystem guardians.

Research & Education
#RelistWolves Campaign supports thought-leadership by promoting scientific and economic research on wolves’ role in our ecosystem and society.

Coalition Building 
#RelistWolves Campaign engages valuable partner organizations and leaders who care about this cause and collaborate with them extensively to further advocacy efforts and raise awareness. 


Meet Our Wolf Pack

Our Partners

The foundation of The #RelistWolves Campaign is our coalition of over 30 nonprofit organizations and tribal partners. Our efforts are done in the name of collaboration and humility as we fight for one of our country's most threatened ecosystem guardians.

 The #RelistWolves Campaign Team

Leslie Williams 

Maggie Howell.JPG

Maggie Howell


Claudine Book

Brenden Kennedy .jpg

Brenden Kennedy

Fred Starzyk.jpg

Fred Starzyk

Samantha Attwood .jpeg

Samantha Attwood


Rebecca Xhabija 


Peter Kareiva

unnamed (1).jpg

Kevin Allis


Karen Lapizco


The team at Tusk Strategies 

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