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Live Internationally? You too can
Take Action!

Photo by Paul Nicklen

Raise your voice for wolves, regardless of where you live! It only takes one minute.  

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Submit a letter to President Biden and the key decision makers within the U.S. government asking them to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List. 


Below is all the information you will need to submit an email to President Biden. Simply copy and paste the below text into your email and send! See our tips for personalizing letters.


SUBJECT: International community asks you to TAKE ACTION to save wolves




For decades the United States has served as a leader in wildlife conservation. With the passage of the Endangered Species Act in 1973, the United States inspired countries across the globe to enact similar protections. This signature piece of legislation has undoubtedly saved hundreds if not thousands of species from extinction, preserved fragile ecosystems, and enabled nature to stay in balance. 


Unfortunately, fifty years later, the United States is falling woefully short of its legacy. 


When Americans elected President Biden, who proclaimed to support science-based conservation, the international community was hopeful the administration would usher in a new approach to wildlife management. Unfortunately, despite lofty words, science continues to take a back seat to special interests with the Biden Administration. 


The gray wolf is just one example of how the current administration is standing aside while trophy hunters and trappers attempt to eradicate the species for sport, often using the most cruel, inhumane methods you could imagine. It’s estimated that there are only around 6,000 gray wolves left in the contiguous United States. 


In February 2022, a federal judge ordered that the gray wolf must be relisted on the Endangered Species Act in much of the country. However, despite this ruling’s publicity, it doesn't protect wolves in Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming – the region where 80% of wolf hunts occur. Even worse, the administration recently decided to side with the NRA, Safari Club International and other gun-rights groups and file an appeal in an attempt to overturn this order. 


Several states in the US have laws on their books allowing hunters to kill up to 90% of their wolf populations, and allow baiting and trapping on the border of Yellowstone National Park, a protected area. This resulted in hunters killing 24 Yellowstone wolves that wandered outside the park boundaries. Yet despite this mass slaughter, and the calls of Tribal leaders, environmental scientists, and concerned citizens to halt these hunts, the Federal Government continues to side with those who only wish to eradicate wolves. 


If the number of wolves continues to plummet, the damage will be far reaching and irrevocable. Protecting wolves in select states, while allowing others to wipe out the species, threatens the long term health and viability of the species, which requires a rich and diverse gene pool. Most importantly, as a keystone species wolves are critical for the health of the entire ecosystem from plants, to birds, to beavers, to elk.  


As members of the international community, we urge President Biden to stand up on behalf of these animals and the ecosystems they protect by restoring federal protections to wolves across the United States, especially in the Northern Rocky Mountains where they need protections most. The Biden administration has the power to once again restore the US’ rightful place as a conservation leader and a protector of our planet for future generations. 



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