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In light of the Oregon State Police’s call for public help to identify those responsible for poisoning a wolf pack last February, Wolves of the Rockies released the following statement:


“We were heartbroken to hear of these horrific and inhumane killings, and condemn in the strongest terms this atrocity. But this slaughter did not occur in a vacuum. As a society, we have propagated a stereotype that wolves are dangerous and harmful creatures, and used this false narrative to justify vindictive violence against the species. The appalling Oregon poisoning is just one example of the extreme, and often legal cruelty towards wolves that is rampant across the country. We hope to see those responsible for the illegal killings brought to justice. To further this aim Wolves of the Rockies, Trap Free Montana, and The 06 Legacy Project are increasing the award by an additional $10,000. We believe that the total reward of $36,000 will be the largest ever offered in the state of Oregon for illegal wildlife killing.  Lastly, we urge the federal government to take action to protect the species by restoring wolves to the Endangered Species List.”

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