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Raise your voice for wolves! Here's how:

Sign the Open Letter to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland

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 Write a Letter (for younger advocates grades K-12) HERE

Sign a letter to Senators Baldwin and Klobuchar to withdraw their Upper Midwest delisting bill by clicking HERE

Tell House Republicans to withdraw their delisting bill by clicking HERE

Live Outside the US? Click HERE


This action will only come with a groundswell of support from conservation-minded citizens like yourself (International Supporters Go Here).


The action below is a letter-writing campaign that auto-populates a pre-written letter using your information to target your specific representatives.


In October 2020, the Trump Administration officially removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list as part of its broader goal of undermining and weakening the Endangered Species Act. Since then, states like Wisconsin, Idaho, and Montana have passed legislation that both allows and encourages the mass slaughter (up to 90%) of wolf populations. In February of 2021, hunters in Wisconsin killed at least 216 wolves in less than 60 hours, far exceeding the state's kill limit and angering tribal communities. Despite the devastation, state policymakers issued a kill quota of an additional 300 wolves for the hunts starting in November.

Wolves serve as important ecosystem guardians and the decimation of the American wolf population will have a cascading effect on wildlife and habitats across the country. To prevent this from happening, we need U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and President Joe Biden to act now and reverse the Trump Administration's delisting. 


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Join Our Partners and Sign Our New Open Letter:

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  • Keep the movement growing by using #RelistWolves on social media.

  • Like, follow, and share content from @relistwolvescampaign on Instagram

  • Spread the word on social. Sample tweets or captions could read, 

    • “In 2020, only 6,000 wolves remained across the United States – and over the past two years, hunts have killed 1,000 of them! It’s time to #RelistWolves. Take action at”

    • “Wolves need our help. Since they were removed from the endangered species list, states have passed laws that authorize the slaughter of 90% of the species. Join Jason Momoa and raise your voice to save the wolves at”

    • “All dogs come from wolves. But today, hunts across the country threaten to kill up to 90% of the ancestors of man’s best friend. Speak up to protect the species by taking action at”

  • Share this video of Jason Momoa on social media: 

  • Tweet at Secretary Haaland, President Biden, the White House, the Department of Interior, & the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service demanding the wolves be immediately relisted in the Northern Rocky region!


Write a Letter (Younger Advocates)

We’ve prepared age-specific materials for a summer letter writing campaign to mobilize young voices on behalf of wolves. Our goal is to educate young people about the relisting issue while also getting as many letters sent to the White House as possible. These materials include: 

  • Two versions of a pre-addressed postcard with our rewriting extinction comic strip to color in (Grades K-5). In addition to a pre-written message, there’s a short section for kids to write their own short message. Postcard 1 | Postcard 2

  • An ‘advocacy guide’ for young adults to write their own letter to the White House (Grades 6-12). Advocacy Guide

Please share photos of finished letters or drawings with the #RelistWolves hashtag on social media - we’ll also be sharing them across our social accounts!

  • Sample social post of finished letters: So proud of our young advocates making their voice heard! President Biden, #RelistWolves!

Write a Letter

For press and all other inquiries, please contact

Photo by Jake Davis

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